Fundraising for SCRAP Art Gallery

SCRAP Art Gallery is a community arts project that supports sex positive work such as ours. SCRAP is dedicated to a socially and environmentally sustainable culture. Spaces like these are few and far between. SCRAP are in the process of looking for spaces for their project to expand to, as the gallery is being demolished for development. 

We have 30 days to raise funds for a bond on a new space, any contributions will help greatly.

To those that donate SCRAP will keep you updated on their progress via email. Donations over $25 will receive a VIP invite to opening night. Donations over $100 will receive 50% off all events, workshops, gigs and exhibitions during the first 3 months after opening night. Donations over $500 will receive access to the space for an event of your very own!

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How to Lovingly Tie Your Partner

Discover the Power of Rope to Create Erotic Intensity Between You and Your partner!

This workshop will not be about complicated knots or mastery. You will learn a few of the technical basics of Japanese bondage, and discover rope as a conscious touch and a loving encounter. Bondage need not be beautiful and perfect for it to feel alive and to give pleasure. For it to go deep, it is not necessary that the rope turn you on.

When tying or being tied, you feel your pleasure/displeasure, fear, anger and all the nuances of the whole rich pallet of human feelings…and you take to heart what is there. And perhaps this has a healing aspect. All experience levels in bondage are welcome. Experience with attentive touch, breath work and tantra is advantageous. 

It is possible to come single or with a partner. Ropes are available, although it is also advised to bring your own, if you have.

Location is Hardy Street, North Bondi (exact address given on booking).

Date: Sat-Sun. 30 June-1 July (2pm-6:30pm)

Cost: $199 plus b/fee (Early Bird until June 15), $250 (Full Price)  

The sensual rope jam is led by Dr. Peter B and Natalia Je.

Dr. Peter B is founder and curator of the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex. Since 2011 host of Schwelle Sydney. From 2011-2013 artistic director as well as producer of the Festival on the Art of Lust - Xplore Sydney. He has studied Japanese Shibari with Osada Steve, Hajime Kinoko, Dasniya Sommer, Amalion and many others.

Natalia Je is a rope enthusiast. She plays with and teaches rope for pleasure, emotional intensity, physical challenge, sex, pain, intimacy and sometimes even something of/resembling ‘art’. Her special interest is in self-tying and self-suspension. She has been working in the so-called helping professions for 15 years.

Endorsements from participants of our rope classes:

"The intimacy and safety of the space created at these events is at once hypnotic, enticing, energizing and relaxing. It has provided me with a safe haven to learn about, grow into and feel comfortable with my own sexuality...I feel I learn something new about who I am every time I come back." - Sion

Expansion: Workshop and Play Party (17 June, 29 July, 9 Sept, 4 Nov)

Are you curious about what a play party is like? Do you worry about what to wear and how to behave? Well you're not alone. Nearly everybody does.

Do you fear your partner might be attracted to someone else? Or that you might go home feeling frustrated and lonely? or that people will cross your boundaries? Or that no-one will find you attractive? Don't worry. Nearly everyone does.

Expansion is a monthly wholistic combined workshop and play party in Sydney. Its purpose is to provide you with the tools to get the most out of what a play party has to offer, while avoiding the usual pitfalls. Expansion includes a 90 minute party navigation workshop (2-3:30pm) followed by the play party itself (4-8pm). 

During the party navigation workshop, we will give you helpful tools about how to ask to ask for what you want, protect your boundaries, and go at a pace that's right for you, as well as clear information about play party etiquette.

The play party has two parts: the first is more structured, the second less structured. During the first part, there will be different stations with members of the school leading various erotic activities for you to explore: activities such as rope bondage, tantric breath and touch, impact play, sensual dancing, animal play, sensual eating, electric play, etc. Each edition of Expansion includes new erotic stations led, so you can continue to improve your erotic skill-set each time. At the beginning of the second part of the party, we will all gather together in a circle where each person has the opportunity to say how they are feeling and what kind of experiences they are looking for during the party. Because everyone knows in advance where the other is at, we can connect with one another quickly, effectively and safely, once the play space is opened up. 

BYO. Non-alcoholic beverages and snacks are also provided.

NB: If this is your first time, you must attend the party navigation workshop to be admitted to the party. The party has a no effort no entry dress codeIt is not acceptable to come in jeans and a t-shirt. You must dress appropriately.. If you are unsure about what to wear, please look at the images above or go to the websites of Gallery SerpentineSax FetishMax Black or The Costume Shop

Even if you have paid, if you only have casual clothes to wear at the party, we will not grant you entry. Should we deem that what you have on is not appropriate for the space, you may be invited to wear something that is chosen for you!

Dates: Sunday 17 June,  29 July, 9 September, 4 November, 16 December. Please let us know what date you are coming, when you book.

Time: 2-8pm @ Darlinghurst.

Cost $75 (plus b/fee); Return attendees $35 (plus b/fee). (Return attendees may arrive at 4pm, it is not necessary to attend the pre-navigation workshop. It is not possible to pay at the door. You must pre-book) 

Expansion is hosted by Peter Banki, Ph.D, the founder and director of the Festival of Really Good Sex and Ira Zev, Co-founder of the EroticArt Project.


Who is Expansion for?

Expansion is an inclusive sex positive space open to all genders and sexual orientations. There is no age restriction, other than you must be over 18. (Older people are also welcome.) While the party is open to anyone interested in exploring their sexuality, some previous experience in tantra, kink or sex positive workshops is strongly advised. What all care is taken, some of the content can be challenging for some people. While you may wish to take off some of your clothes, full nudity is not permitted at the party. All activity is consensual. 

If you are uncomfortable with diversity in sexual orientation and gender, this party is not for you.  

What should I bring?

The workshop runs from 2-3:30pm. Bring any food or drink you may need and wear comfortable clothing. There will be a short interval between workshop and party in which you may prepare your fetish, kinky, sexy or even wacky outfits for the party. There will be an area to get changed if you need and a place to leave your thinks during the party. The party is a BYO event, so bring what you like to drink (or eat). 

How do we partner up?

If you have come with a partner, you can engage exclusively with them. Otherwise everyone will be paired at random with different people during activities and get to chat to different people during discussions. During the party itself you do not have to engage with anyone unless you want to. Intrusive behaviour and rudeness will not be tolerated. 


We will encourage and facilitate but, of course, there is no obligation for anyone to do anything. You will participate at what ever level feels right for you. You may socialise and observe and get involved if and when you are ready, there are no expectations. 

Our Policy on Safety and Consent

Part of the concept of having a workshop and aftercare session is to provide a safety net within the structure of the play party, whereby people may be held accountable for how they behave towards one another.  In the context of the workshop we will communicate what we believe to be correct and incorrect behavior at a play party, and what kinds of behavior we wish to discourage and even prohibit. Because we do not wish that anyone complains that their consent has been violated or abused, in the workshop we will discuss in depth the concept of consent and in which ways it is both simple and complex, especially in the context of a play party. And we will make clear what kinds of behavior are not acceptable.

However, it needs to be emphasised that part of the reason why we propose Expansion is to provide a space where people can explore their sensual and erotic freedom. And freedom means also the possibility of things going wrong. While we take great care to provide a space where injuries of all kinds are unlikely to happen, we cannot guarantee that they will never happen. We therefore strongly encourage all participants to take primary responsibility for their own physical and emotional well-being in the party space. As the hosts of the party it is impossible for us to take responsibility for everything that may happen. Over 7 years of having organised erotic festivals and events, it is our experience that the space is safest, most consensual and most erotic when participants know that your personal safety and consent is firstly your own priority.

The Venue in Darlinghurst has on-street parking and is accessible via public transport. However, if you're coming by car, we recommend that you park at the Wilson Parking at 70 Riley Street, Darlinghurst. It is $8 on Sundays, and will mean that you don't have to don't have to worry about putting money in the parking meter.