Hawaiian Bodywork (By Appointment Only)

Offering over 15 years of extensive training in bodymind modalities and professional experience, I welcome you with my artistry of touch.  Experience the dynamic and soothing flow of the bodywork that is tailored to your wishes to encourage alignment, relieve body stress and pain, enhance emotional expression and increase your sense of wellbeing.  


Please Note: This is a sensual, but not an erotic massage.

My Bodywork is a unique fusion of:

  • Hawaiian Lomi Lomi (aka KaHuna Bodywork)
  • Remedial Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Breath, sound and voice work
  • Joint Mobilisation
  • Aromatherapy Massage
  • Hot Stone Massage

Effects: You may feel more ‘present’ and grounded in your body. You may experience a feeling of well-being, emotional calm and restfulness and at the same time feel energized and motivated. You will most likely sleep deeper, your skin will be smoother and your digestion may improve. You may experience strong emotions or shifts in your thinking.

I welcome you into a clean, relaxing, safe and nurturing environment in my home studio in North Bondi. Your senses will be nourished with aromatic scents, candles, relaxing music, attentive touch.  You will be respectfully attended to; my sessions involve deep listening and honouring your body and emotions, wherever you’re at.


$100/60 minutes

$130/90 minutes

If you’re unemployed, or are a concession/pensioner card owner, contact me to negotiate the best price for you.

No health fund rebates. CASH ONLY. 

I'm also available for 2-on-1 Hawaiian Bodywork sessions with Jenn La Fair subject to availability.

Showering facilities are available.

E-MAIL to make an appointment on info@reallygoodsex.net

Natalia is a bodyworker with over 15 years of experience. She has been trained in Temple Style KaHuna Bodywork, Heartworks Lomi Lomi, Lomi Lomi Nui, Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy, Myofascial Release, Hawaiian Floorwork, Hot Stone Massage and Breathwork. Natalia is a Psychologist, Social Worker and counsellor, and she brings a broader, holistic and psycho-social perspective to her bodywork practice. She also practices zen meditation and not taking herself too seriously.

Natalia is passionate about assisting individuals to come closer to a pain-free, balanced, fulfilling and self-reflective existence. Her special interest lies in walking alongside people who have experienced mental distress, grief and loss and ‘trauma’ or adversity. She believes Hawaiian bodywork to be a powerful, transformative (and infinitely yummy) therapeutic modality.