Ron van Twuiver is a faculty member of the School of Really Good Sex since 2018. With Marion Ellyard he also produces the Taste of Love Festival in Byron Bay. Ron started his journey with conscious sexuality in 1998. Driven by a natural openness and curiosity and several long term relationships the question remained: What is relating all about? How does it work and how does sexuality fit into all of it? Born in the Netherlands, Ron has a long background with connection through dance, exploring Latin and Tango dancing and the intricate play and harmony and body language between the two opposite polarities – the lead and the follower.

Ron believes that dance can teach us so much about life, how we move together, negotiate, listen and lead each other, play in life and play with the dance. He studied with the late Deborah Anapol and did Pelvic Heart Integration Teacher Training and then created a fusion of this work:

“I like to pick the best pieces from everywhere and patch them together to create something new. I feel the old ways are great but things are changing, time is changing and people are changing, we can’t continue offering the same old things anymore it’s time to create new things that flow a lot better in today’s times.”