Breaking Down with Tod McKendry

Breaking down is like a dirty secret. No-one wants to be heart broken or devastated but a lot of people are.

If we are serious about promoting a more enlightened culture, the possibility of breaking down has to be acknowledged and taken seriously. By breaking down we mean being emotionally unable to cope, feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable, unable to function as one normally does, finding oneself experiencing extreme and unpredictable emotions such as anger, sadness, terror, loathing or fear..."being triggered", as they say. The truth is breaking-down seems to be an inevitable part of the journey towards emotional maturity. We even believe that those who haven't seriously broken down have missed a certain rite of passage.

If you can be vulnerable, you are worthy of trust. 

When you break-down, there are no assurancesno guarantee that you will learn or transform for the better. But it is only by being in this place that you will have any chance to learn what you need to. 

In this workshop and in the festival in general, you will have permission to break down without fear and without shame. We will explore how each of us acts when we break down, how we respond when we witness others breaking down and how we would like others to be with us when this happens, when the infans, the one who can't speak or wounded child arrives.