Carnal Witchcraft with Bianca Wolff (4:30-6pm)

Desire is the primal energy, and that energy is erotic: the attraction of lover to beloved, of planet to star, the lust of electron for proton. Love is the glue that holds the world together.” 
― StarhawkThe Spiral Dance: A Rebirth of the Ancient Religions of the Great Goddess

Our overculture entangles and shames our sexual selves. We are too much of this, not enough of that…Our true sexuality is buried under layers of ‘taboo’. Desires become rejected or remain unknown. How may we become whole? How may we lift the veil of mystery?

Our subconscious holds these hidden truths. It is the deep soil, fecund with inspiration and the hotbed for personal growth. I invite you to journey into the deep strata of your inner, hidden sexual self. Disinter that which seems forbidden, shamed or forlorn. 

You will be given magical tools, to actualize what you reclaim. This is the work of witchcraft, for the world needs your whole, unabashed sexuality.