The Expansion Play Party (7:30-11pm)

The Expansion play party is a held space where you can experience the best of what a play party has to offer, while avoiding the usual pitfalls. The idea is to expand your repertoire of interests and desires, to try things you haven't tried before, get out of your patterns and learn more about yourself and others. 

The party is split into two parts. The first part will include different stations where festival presenters will lead lead various activities which you can try out and experience. These will include sex and kink related activities, as well as a strong emphasis on all kinds of creative play (such as dance, massage, role play, etc.). There will also be information given about what is appropriate play party etiquette and informed consent. 

The second part is an open play space. However, before it begins we will do a group sharing where everyone will have the opportunity to say what their interests are, what kind of experiences they are looking for, what are their boundaries as well as how they are feeling. We have found that this to be the best way to create a supportive and beautiful party space. Tea and non-alcoholic beverages will be provided. 

NB. The Expansion play-party has a no effort no entry dress code. It will not be acceptable to come in jeans and a t-shirt. Even if you have paid, if you only have casual clothes to wear at the party, we will not grant you entry. Should we deem that what you have on is not appropriate for the space, you may be invited to wear something chosen for you! For ideas about what is appropriate  play party wear, please go to Gallery SerpentineSax FetishMax Black or The Costume Shop