Dirty Talk (or the Art of Letting Your Fantasy Flow Freely) with Dr. Diva

With liberating and surprisingly simple exercises you will trick your self censor and let thoughts, images and stories arise, which are fantastic, erotic, poetic, dirty, provocative, unexpected and often simply very, very funny.

Talk is silver, talking dirty is gold. And the great thing about it: Everyone can do it, you just have to give yourself permission.


Dr. Diva’s is motto is: “I have got a thousand faces, and all of them are true.“ (Henry Miller). Dr. Diva is a player, creator, performer, presenter of kinky workshops throughout Europe

Professionally, he is also an accomplished actor, director and writer for European stage and screen

Since 2012 he has been the host of the infamous Opium-Berlin party : www.opium-berlin.com

„My kink is: connection. If you really see the other, if you are truly seen by the other – a quantum leap will happen with your desire. And this is so much greater than the perfect ass or the most beautiful eyes. It leads from “I want“ to a common moment, a magical dance, be it only for one night.“