Ecstatic Pain and Pleasure: Whipping with Ira Zev

This Workshop focuses on impact play as a medium for sensory pleasure and the attainment of trance states. We will navigate intimacy within a power dynamic and explore the nuances of both giving and receiving impact, with a focus on the responsibility and intention that exist in both roles.


Ira Zev is a faculty member of the School of Really Good Sex and co-founder of SCRAP Gallery and Co-op in Enmore. She is highly critical of the culture we live in. Even as a teenager, she noticed the warped way that we interact with sex and relationships. To her, it seems so normal for people to share an intimacy with one another, to be affectionate. That’s how we make connections, that’s how we make friends. For the culture to tell us that that’s wrong to explore never seemed right to her. She is interested in making spaces where people can explore and especially be creative.

She believes especially in the importance of play. The most important thing she wishes for people to get from her workshops is to realise that they can be creative. People come to these workshops and festival to get step by step pointers, tricks about how to be better lovers or how to have good sex, but it doesn’t work like that. She wants to realise that we all have the capacity to be creative. We all have the permission to do that all the time.