Shivani is founder of Blissiplined and Co-Founder of The Sunrise Yoga & Meditation Academy (SYAMA) in Australia. She trained as a massage therapist and Yoga instructor in Japan, China and India. She has expertise in pain therapy and female reproductive and sexual healing. She is a single mother to a 6 year old son and lives in Sydney. Over the last 18 years, Shivani has taught meditation, massage and yoga at some of the most well regarded companies in Australia, Bali and Japan (where she lived and trained for 11+ years). Awaken Your Female Essence is Shivani's third online training course. Her first two courses, BODY BLISS and SACRED BLISS - Yoga with the Jade Egg gemstone, have been hugely popular and this new ritual collection offers you the best of what she knows to work for herself and thousands of women around the world.

In today's busy and complex world, Shivani shares a message of slowing down and tuning in through simple yet potent self care rituals that specifically nourish the female body and our deepest longings of connection, pleasure and joy as women. We need more than just 'downward dog' and 'tree pose'. We need practices that nourish our inner most being - the organs that sustain our life. With over 20 years’ experience as a meditation and yoga teacher, massage therapist and health consultant, I’ve helped thousands of women, just like you, who are yearning for more self connection, pleasure, fulfillment and bliss. Shivani has personally overcome a variety of health problems (severe menstrual pain, back pain, asthma, allergies, negative body image) and gone through two divorces to get to my current rewarding and passion filled life as a woman, mother and lover. I'm here to show you how to create daily bliss in your life too.