Rope and Resistance: Playfighting with Ira Zev (2:30-4pm)

This workshop explores rope play in a switching, competitive and playful dynamic. We will delve into the dynamics of play fighting; the back and forth of gaining control then losing it and the navigation of power exertion vs play.

In this workshop we will engage in active body work and competitive play to understand the depth of resistance and how this changes the dynamic of playing with rope. Here we will explore restraint through resistance rather than surrender and see how vastly different this style of rope play can be.

Within the scope of resistance play we will be working with consensual non-consent, understanding how to engage in this safely and have fun saying no.

Rope and resistance offers an opportunity to explore rope play from a place of noncompliance, where the submissive is encouraged to explore their disobedience.


Ira Zev is a writer and general lover of and advocate for creative expression. Ira is the co-founder of the EroticART Project, a project that creates radical spaces for interactive erotic creativity. 

Ira endeavours to educate and advocate critical thought by creating space for critical discussion and radical experiences in relation to sex, sexuality and how we interact with it.