Yukimura Ryo with Hebari (2:30-4pm)

The Yukimura-Ryu workshop will be an opportunity to get a solid grounding in the skills and concepts of this style. Much less focused on suspension and engineering, Yukimura-Ryu is all about feel, flow, and tying for connection with your partner.


As a child, Yukimura Haruki already had a great interest in Kinbaku.
As a young photographer Yukimura soon began using rope art in his work, and his resulting images and films became of a more erotic nature.
Over time Yukimura spent more time tying in front of a camera than actual photographing.

Today Yukimura is behind the production of at least 3000 Kinbaku films and several Kinbaku books of a very high standard.
In addition to his professional business, Yukimura also taught his friends how to communicate with their partner using rope only. Yukimura developed a unique binding technique, which today is known as Newaza.

In Japan, Yukimura is a highly respected Bakushi. A Bakushi is a rope artist, and a large number of Japanese Bakushi’er (those known in the West) have all passed through Yukimura's gym.
In Japan, binding techniques are used to generate “shame” on the bound partner – Also called shuuchinawa. It is these special facial expressions characterized by humiliation and shame that the Japanese like – That’s why the undisputed king of shuuchinawa is Grand Master Yukimura Haruki.

Within the last 10 years Yukimura has allowed a number of westerners to obtain insight into these special techniques. In 2014 Hebari was taken on by Yukimura sensei as a named student and given the right to teach Yukimura style.


Since my first uneducated forays into rope and kink in general around 1992 I have worked to develop my craft with teachers including Osada Steve, Arisue Go, Nawashi Kanna, Hajime Kinoko, Avalon, Satomi and Lukas Zpira and my late sensei, Yukimura Haruki. As a part of my studies and my passion for Japanese rope I have spent travelled to Japan three to four times a year since 2011 to study and enjoy the beauty and culture.

So many people have helped me to grow in my understanding of rope, body mod and play, teachers, friends and partners. This work is my attempt to give some of that back to the community as I have been so lucky to receive. Hebari Haru Isamu