The Art of (Strip)Tease with Isla View (11:30-1pm)

This workshop is more than just an exploration of traditional and contemporary ideas of strip tease. We will also experiment with the power of choreographed eye contact, borrow from both the masculine and feminine, and consider whether the grotesque or evencomedic can be the ultimate from of seduction.

This workshop will inspire you to enjoy, embrace and accentuate your shape. You will be given the opportunity to take the role of ‘slutty’stripper and ‘classy’ burlesque performer, whilst also indulging in the role of the voyeur. Come along to be an exhibitionist and observerand walk away with a seductive strip repertoire.

The Nurturing Orgy (2-5:30pm)

An orgy can be one of the most beautiful things in the world. It can also be not so beautiful, if the people involved in it are inattentive, insensitive and unaware. I can't say that it is not about sex. Of course, it's about sex. But it is not sex as it most commonly practiced in our culture. In The Ethical Slut, Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton describe orgies and group sex as radical political acts, because they deprivatize sex and because so much oppression in our culture is based on shame about sex.

Whether or not the orgy per se is a radical political act is open to debate. But certainly it is possible to learn a great deal about yourself, your desire patterns, your fears, your deeper attractions, and a great many unexpected things will happen. Each orgy is singular and unique. It can change your mental state. One can discover how fluid desire is, how at certain moments it is possible not to know the gender of the person with whom you are in contact, or that body size may not be that important, or that even sex may not be that important.

We will approach the orgy with a beginners' mind. Beginners' mind is a term derived from zen Buddhism. It designates an open mind that is listening and attentive, similar to the attitude of a child who experiences something or someone for the first time. Expect to be nervous, because everyone is, even the most 'experienced'. The orgy is not about achieving anything.

It will not be a requisite that you take off your clothes. It is, however, strongly encouraged that you do one of the Sexobatics classes and/or Self-Pleasuring before attending this workshop.

The Kinky Church (2-5:30pm)

This workshop installation explores our relationship to the cultural narratives of misconduct, remorse, confession, atonement, remorse, penance and absolution.

We will discuss our personal experiences with breaking rules and punishment and reflect on possible kinds of self-punishment. Then we will engage in a structured role-play, where we get to experience what it’s like to be the sinner, the dispenser of clemency and the dispenses of punishment.

We argue that integrating our unconscious mechanisms of confession, punishment, guilt and forgiveness and their symbolic acting out can have therapeutic effects on us, as well as be deeply arousing.

This workshop has been inspired by the workshop Penitence - Atonement Through Pain by delta®.