The Art of (Strip)Tease with Isla View (11:30-1pm)

This workshop is more than just an exploration of traditional and contemporary ideas of strip tease. We will also experiment with the power of choreographed eye contact, borrow from both the masculine and feminine, and consider whether the grotesque or evencomedic can be the ultimate from of seduction.

This workshop will inspire you to enjoy, embrace and accentuate your shape. You will be given the opportunity to take the role of ‘slutty’stripper and ‘classy’ burlesque performer, whilst also indulging in the role of the voyeur. Come along to be an exhibitionist and observerand walk away with a seductive strip repertoire.

Tie-Massage with Luke George (2:30-4pm)

Rope is sensitive and dynamic. It can act like a conductor of energy and information between bodies. When we involve rope in our play, we work with different types of touch; from the light gliding of rope on the skin, through to the firm compression of rope as the Rigger wraps, frictions, cinches, and moulds their Bunny into a beautiful bind.

In this workshop, Luke will teach some basic principles of both Kinbaku and Thai Massage, leading a suggested sequence of touch and ties - with ample time for play.

We will build our sense of connection, trust, confidence and surrender. We will explore how we touch with our hands, our bodies and through our rope. We will explore how the rope can be an extension of our own bodies through connecting physical touch and binding with rope. 

The Human Forest with Alex White (2:30-4pm)

It is held within a secure container where we play intimacy games before dividing into two groups and moving into the roles of giving and receiving in “The Human Forest”.

We explore practices that you can apply to your daily lives and other workshops at the festival:

- Learn to relax and feel your body’s sensations in the face of another human
- Create connection by practically feeling into our hearts
- Receive live feedback to learn how to be more available and open
- Experiment with new languages of touch
- Learn to offer sensual touch without hesitation
- Become clear on the roles of giving, receiving and being present to another human

This experience welcomes all humans.

We will demonstrate physical boundaries and styles of touch including clear, non-verbal signals to cease all touch and verbal signs to increase or change touch.

The ritual itself starts with clear group agreements and boundary setting.

The group is split in half, one half take positions as "trees" and are invited to blindfold themselves (this helps to drop into the experience and detach from who is giving touch, it is optional and HIGHLY recommended). These “trees” can remove layers of clothing if they wish, underpants will remain on throughout the ritual.

The other half are "animals" of the forest and, within group agreements, are set free to explore the "trees" with different types, speeds and flavours of touch using their hands, limbs and whole bodies.

Music is played throughout the practice. After 20+ minutes, the two halves swap roles. Everyone gets a chance to experience both sides of the ritual, giving and receiving.

DRESS - I suggest layered, comfortable clothing that feels pleasurable on your skin. We will be moving around and doing some light exercise. You may wish to be lying down at times. Wear comfortable and clean shoes or go shoeless, up to you.

HYGIENE - You will be relating in close proximity to one another. Please use minimally distracting deodorants and shower beforehand or onsite if possible. Fresh breath is essential and mints are available.

The Nurturing Orgy with Sarah Roffey & Bianca Wolff (4:30-6:00pm)

An orgy can be one of the most beautiful things in the world. It can also be not so beautiful, if the people involved in it are inattentive, insensitive and unaware. I can't say that it is not about sex. Of course, it's about sex. But it is not sex as it most commonly practiced in our culture. In The Ethical Slut, Janet Hardy and Dossie Easton describe orgies and group sex as radical political acts, because they deprivatize sex and because so much oppression in our culture is based on shame about sex.

Whether or not the orgy per se is a radical political act is open to debate. But certainly it is possible to learn a great deal about yourself, your desire patterns, your fears, your deeper attractions, and a great many unexpected things will happen. Each orgy is singular and unique. It can change your mental state. One can discover how fluid desire is, how at certain moments it is possible not to know the gender of the person with whom you are in contact, or that body size may not be that important, or that even sex may not be that important.

We will approach the orgy with a beginners' mind. Beginners' mind is a term derived from zen Buddhism. It designates an open mind that is listening and attentive, similar to the attitude of a child who experiences something or someone for the first time. Expect to be nervous, because everyone is, even the most 'experienced'. The orgy is not about achieving anything.

It will not be a requisite that you take off your clothes. It is, however, strongly encouraged that you do one of the Sexobatics classes and/or Self-Pleasuring before attending this workshop.

Being Bad with Peter Banki, Ph.D (4:30-6pm)

“Supreme delight lies in the certainty of doing ‘evil’ – and men and women know from birth that all pleasure lies in evil.” – Charles Baudelaire

Being bad—flirting with evil—belongs to the repertoire of BDSM and, I would argue, sexuality in general. And yet, it is something many are frightened to explore, because understandably there is a fear of evil and being evil.

A lot of the sexiness of sex and BDSM comes from the allure of being bad, of taking the risk of crossing borders of conventional morality and politeness. In this workshop, you’ll have a license to be bad. How bad can you be? How much bad will you allow to be done to you? What finally do you hold to be unacceptable? And why?

Finally, what role does forgiveness play in sexuality and BDSM?