Self-Pleasuring with Shivani (9:30-11am)

Tune in, turn on, and infuse your sex life with 'The Bliss 4' - breath, touch, sound, and imagery.
Shivani will guide you on a journey through four fundamental facets of a self-pleasuring tantric yoga ritual. Dive into your intrinsic technologies and experience how to melt yourself (and another) like warm candle wax. Discover which type of touch most turns you on, and enhance the undulating micro movements of your body for fuller and more powerful orgasms. Ultimately we explore The Bliss 4 so we can experience the deepest form of bliss in their absence - stillness, silence, and soul. 

Shivani has helped thousands of people around the world reclaim body love and revamp their sex lives. With over 20 years’ experience as a massage therapist, yoga and meditation trainer, she is founder of Venus Yoga, co-founder of the Sunrise Yoga and Meditation Academy (SYAMA), and creatrix of online courses that show people how to awaken their sacred sexuality and enjoy pleasure through all phases of life. She draws upon her extensive Tantra, Taoist, and Classical Yoga training in Japan, China, India, and Bali to offer a uniquely illuminating set of experiences.

Shivani shares a message of slowing down and tuning in through simple yet potent self care rituals that fulfill our deepest longings for connection, pleasure, joy, and awakening to the fullness of what it means to be alive.

Rope Playfighting with Ira Zev (11:30-1pm)

This workshop will explore bondage rope play in a switching, competitive and playful dynamic. 
We will delve into the dynamics of play fighting; the back and forth of gaining control then losing it, with rope as the primary medium. 
Come and experience a more energetic and fun style of rope play.

Come alone, with friends or with partners. Just bring your wonderful selves, a playful attitude, comfy clothes and ropes (if you have any). 

By the Bi - Promiscuity with Permission with Bradford & Angela (11:30-1pm)

Bradford and Angela from By the Bi podcast will share a bit about their relationship and how they handle their bisexuality as part of an open relationship. They will also discuss bi-invisibility. What is Bisexual Invisibility? How does it affect bisexual persons? How does it affect those around them? How can family, friends, and even the greater community help to minimise bi-invisibility? All these topics (and more) will be discussed during the By the Bi session.

Angela and Bradford host By the Bi, a podcast weaving bisexuality, open relationships, swinging, and marriage into a happy and healthy partnership.  By the Bi promotes “promiscuity with permission “, bringing these topics to the forefront and opening conversations between partners and friends.  Topics include jealousy, open relationships, adventurous sex, and more….with a raw, honest, and fun attitude while addressing challenges and the creative ways to tackle them. 

Exploring Sexual Shame with Vandan Lifedancer (2:30-4pm)

Shame can impact every part of your life. It can affect your health & wellbeing, your relationships, your job, your family life, and your finances. It can be crippling and paralysing. And it can dominate your life.

There are 2 steps to begin dealing with shame. The first is acknowledging the shame we carry. The second is to allow ourselves to start the process. The difficulty is that so many people actually carry shame about having shame! Yes, that’s true.

What is your relationship with shame? If shame is a part of your life (even in a small way) come and join us to explore what shame is, how it affects you and what you can do about it.

The Lightness of Touch - The Brevity of Commitment with Paul Warren (2:30-4pm)

paul portrait jan '14 _2.jpg

This is a workshop about physicality, movement and meaning.
Two words in our modern times that are laden with misconception, ... touch - commitment.
What happens when we swap the meanings of these two words?
How do we than interact with one another.
Definitions and our rolls with each other can become clearer.

Paul J Warren is one of Australia’s most experienced Directors of Photography. Shooting in the broadest range of cultures throughout the world, his portfolio is extensive and displays a huge variety of formats, styles and content.

His knowledge and ability to cross between the different demands of long form feature films, TVC's, documentaries and short films is formidable. This gives him a rare and versatile approach for the many ways of finding the appropriate visual dialogue for the story at hand.

After a very sound grounding in documentaries, current affairs and TV drama with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation Paul left ABC TV to pursue his independent career.

Paul’s first feature film ‘The Cup’ was in Official Selection for the prestigious Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival.

The feature film ‘Wrath’, released worldwide, is another example of his versatility in working with demanding stories and locations.

Paul's understanding of all the current formats and their impact on the story from pre-production right through to post-production is invaluable.

He also teaches specialised digital camera courses at AFTRS.

Paul is also a dancer. He has been dancing Argentinean tango for the past 16 years.

"... tango by its very nature is an improvised dance relying on intuition and generosity within the embrace, and demands of its dancers, openness to the intuitive moment to create a 'dialogue' within the embrace".

The Novice Orgy with Sarah Roffey (4:30-6:30)

An orgy can be one of the most beautiful things in the world. It can also be not so beautiful, if the people involved in it are inattentive, insensitive and unaware. But certainly it is possible to learn a great deal about yourself, your desire patterns, your fears, your deeper attractions, and a great many unexpected things will happen. Each orgy is singular and unique. It can change your mental state. One can discover how fluid desire is, how at certain moments it is possible not to know the gender of the person with whom you are in contact, or that body size may not be that important, or that even sex may not be that important.

We will approach the orgy with a beginners' mind. Beginners' mind is a term derived from zen Buddhism. It designates an open mind that is listening and attentive, similar to the attitude of a child who experiences something or someone for the first time. Expect to be nervous, because everyone is, even the most 'experienced'. The orgy is not about achieving anything.

This is a clothing-optional workshop. 

Erotic Persona and Fantasy Role Play with Peter Banki, Ph.D. (4:30-6:30pm)

Each of us has an inner erotic world, sometimes more real and more potent than any other.

In this 90 minute workshop, you will bring this inner erotic poetic world to life with others.  Acting techniques based on imagination, suggestions and hypnosis will help you to free your erotic voice and access the imaginary body.

The workshop will develop and explore your erotic personae, who you can then call upon and share in work and play.

Bring a costume or two!