By the Bi - Promiscuity with Permission with Bradford & Angela (11:30-1pm)

Bradford and Angela from By the Bi podcast will share a bit about their relationship and how they handle their bisexuality as part of an open relationship. They will also discuss bi-invisibility. What is Bisexual Invisibility? How does it affect bisexual persons? How does it affect those around them? How can family, friends, and even the greater community help to minimise bi-invisibility? All these topics (and more) will be discussed during the By the Bi session.


Angela and Bradford host By the Bi, a podcast weaving bisexuality, open relationships, swinging, and marriage into a happy and healthy partnership.  By the Bi promotes “promiscuity with permission “, bringing these topics to the forefront and opening conversations between partners and friends.  Topics include jealousy, open relationships, adventurous sex, and more….with a raw, honest, and fun attitude while addressing challenges and the creative ways to tackle them.