The Lightness of Touch - The Brevity of Commitment with Paul Warren (2:30-4pm)

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This is a workshop about physicality, movement and meaning.
Two words in our modern times that are laden with misconception, ... touch - commitment.
What happens when we swap the meanings of these two words?
How do we than interact with one another.
Definitions and our rolls with each other can become clearer.

Paul has been dancing Argentinean tango for the past nineteen years and teaches with one of Sydney’s best-known tango schools, ‘SoTango’.

“… Tango by its very nature is an improvised dance relying on connection, intuition and generosity within the embrace, and demands of its dancers, openness to the intuitive moment to create a ‘dialogue’ within the embrace”. PW.

… Very much like his working life …

He is also one of Australia’s most experienced Directors of Photography.

His portfolio is extensive and displays a huge variety of formats, styles and content.

The feature film ‘The Cup’ was in Official Selection for the prestigious Directors’ Fortnight at the Cannes Film Festival.

He also teaches specialized digital camera courses at AFTRS, and his teaching ‘style’ reflects this broad understanding and innovative creativity.

Bringing this unique and subtle combination of skills for observation, story telling, technicalities, teaching and creativity within the worlds of dance and film enable Paul to bring some extraordinary insights and experiences to a workshop environment.

Paul is a member of ‘The Conductors’ a performance group, embodying a restless search for combining different media and disciplines. Their most notable collaboration was based around time & space, performed at CarriageWorks in Sydney as part of the ‘Expanded Architecture’ festival.