The Human Forest with Alex White (2:30-4pm)

It is held within a secure container where we play intimacy games before dividing into two groups and moving into the roles of giving and receiving in “The Human Forest”.

We explore practices that you can apply to your daily lives and other workshops at the festival:

- Learn to relax and feel your body’s sensations in the face of another human
- Create connection by practically feeling into our hearts
- Receive live feedback to learn how to be more available and open
- Experiment with new languages of touch
- Learn to offer sensual touch without hesitation
- Become clear on the roles of giving, receiving and being present to another human

This experience welcomes all humans.

We will demonstrate physical boundaries and styles of touch including clear, non-verbal signals to cease all touch and verbal signs to increase or change touch.

The ritual itself starts with clear group agreements and boundary setting.

The group is split in half, one half take positions as "trees" and are invited to blindfold themselves (this helps to drop into the experience and detach from who is giving touch, it is optional and HIGHLY recommended). These “trees” can remove layers of clothing if they wish, underpants will remain on throughout the ritual.

The other half are "animals" of the forest and, within group agreements, are set free to explore the "trees" with different types, speeds and flavours of touch using their hands, limbs and whole bodies.

Music is played throughout the practice. After 20+ minutes, the two halves swap roles. Everyone gets a chance to experience both sides of the ritual, giving and receiving.

DRESS - I suggest layered, comfortable clothing that feels pleasurable on your skin. We will be moving around and doing some light exercise. You may wish to be lying down at times. Wear comfortable and clean shoes or go shoeless, up to you.

HYGIENE - You will be relating in close proximity to one another. Please use minimally distracting deodorants and shower beforehand or onsite if possible. Fresh breath is essential and mints are available.