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Read Simon Copland's Article about the Festival in The Guardian

Read Simon Copland's Article about the Festival in The Guardian

Listen to Janet Hardy's interview about the festival on ABC Radio National

Listen to Janet Hardy's interview about the festival on ABC Radio National

Article by Sabina Brix in Archer Magazine

Article by Sabina Brix in Archer Magazine

Endorsements from Leading Australian and International Sex Educators

 "...all the beauty and dare I say love that was present at the Festival, that it offered people genuine, meaningful education in a very challenging, confusing and misunderstood part of life." Jacqueline Hellyer, sex therapist based in Sydney.

"“What always comes to mind about the festival is the quality of the people you meet and the connections you make.” Emma Michelle Dixon, Ph.D. founder of Emma Michelle Coaching.

"SFORGS is the best sex education festival in Australia. There's nothing else like it." Deej Juventin, erotic coach based in Brisbane, co-director of Sexological Bodywork Certification in Australia. 

"Peter Banki is an erotic catalyst." Joseph Kramer, Ph.D., Founder of the profession of Sexological Bodywork in California.

"The thing that struck me about festival is that many of the classes are participatory, and most people are willing to jump right in and do it. It’s a really unique, important event. The people it attracts are bold, courageous, inquisitive, and charming. We need more spaces like the one Peter created in Sydney." Tristan Taormino, world renowned American sex educator, author of Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships and the Feminist Porn Book

"The festival definitely lives up to its name. I will be forever grateful." Felix Ruckert, Berlin-based dancer, choreographer, dance and BDSM educator, co-founder of Schwelle7 and the Xplore Festival in Berlin

Written Endorsements from Our Participants

Melbourne 2018 edition (1-3 June @ Pulse Brunswick)

"FORGS Melbourne was a challenging and surprising weekend chock-a-block with experiential embodied learning. I would recommend this festival to anyone seriously curious about their edges, comfortable with exploring boundaries and adept at communicating their consent.  Having immersed myself in somatic learning for the past five years I was surprised to find aspects of this weekend as challenging as I did and am grateful for the opportunity and space to learn, grow, gain clarity and further deepen my connection to myself." Louis Lockhurst

"I thought the festival was a wonderful celebration of the warmth and spirit of human nature, both with and without an open sexuality. Society pushes our expression of sex into the shadows, but our sexual pulse is always sitting just under the surface, suppressed, but still driving our behaviors and reactions. It is fantastic to celebrate that driving force more openly and honestly! Take this chance to open yourself up and it might just change your life!" RM

"I had a beautiful, gentle and erotic weekend at The Festival of Really Good Sex. It was like a gentle, undulating ride meeting and connecting with new ideas and sexy beings. The space was so well held that allowed me to really let go and explore all the concepts. Yes, it's tricky territory to guide and teach. Peter and the facilitators are all sincere in their respective offerings. I loved it." BJ

2018 Residential Festival edition (25th Jan-1st February in the Shoalhaven)

"I've been to The Festival of Really Good Sex for the last three years and for me, each one has been even better than the last. I always learn new and often unexpected things...about myself, others, and the sphere of sexuality. There is always plenty to challenge, stimulate and excite me, amazing people to connect with, fresh perspectives to be exposed to, and so much to contemplate and process. I always come home 'alive' - re-invigorated, switched on and excited about the possibilities life and human connection have to offer. It's been of enormous benefit to me personally and in my work as a psychotherapist working in the field of sexuality." JB, Psychologist

"I would 100% recommend this festival to anyone who is willing to explore the full potential of their sexuality. I went in with no expectations and came with a totally new perspective on my sexual potency and potential. My repertoire of sexual games and ways to communicate consciously during sex have increased exponentially. Thank you!" Carolyn

2016 Sydney Edition (22-26th January @ the Rex Centre)

"I had the most amazing time at the 2016 Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex. I met incredible people, experienced life-changing things in dialogue and interaction with others, learned really useful new frameworks for understanding sexuality (and life) that apply to my own life as well as to my work as a psychotherapist and had a huge amount of fun in a safe and validating environment. I'm still on a natural high two weeks later." JL

"I had never been to anything like this and was a little wary. The presenters are well credentialed and professional and I had a personal recommendation to go. I would encourage anyone to attend who is seeking to know themselves more, exploring who they are in the face of both the workshops that 'call' them and those that 'challenge them'. I ended up having lots of fun and laughs as well as tears and challenges. I did get to know myself in new ways. I'll be back." S. Williams

"I was Initially a little nervous signing up for this festival however once I had been to the opening night and met other people there I realised that I was not going to feel out of place. This festival was very rich and a great opportunity to gently stretch myself and lots of reminders of things I already knew as well as new learnings/lessons. I am reconnected to my life force, my sexual energy and relish living there. If you get the chance definitely worth a visit."

"From breathing, to beast to BDSM - one's mind cannot help but be stretched in several directions simultaneously by being at the conference." - A.R.

"For anyone who wants to understand themselves and enhance their emotional and sexual relationships while also learning fun and practical sexy skill, come to the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex." Shannon, Brisbane 2016

"This was my first time ever for my partner and I attending any kind of sex festival/ get together of any kind and was quite apprehensive about it. As we began our first class, I found I was coming across so many beautiful non judgmental people that just put me at ease. I wasn't ready to take off my clothes and start doing yoga poses, but after a minute or 2 of others doing so, it began to feel natural and really did not seem to bother anyone including myself. Every class we attended, was done in such a spiritual and tasteful way, that in the end, my partner and I both stripped naked at a few of the classes and felt absolutely at ease by it all. We discovered so much about ourselves, through mind and well as actions, and felt absolutely liberated by the time the festival was over. We learnt so much more about what we enjoy doing, as well as the odd thing we didn't enjoy. It certainly was a huge learning curve. I would never have thought I would be into bondage, but after going to the bondage class, i realised it was really turning me on and since I've gone home, I have gone out and brought numerous items that have DEFINITELY put a huge spark into our relationship! As for foreplay, we have learnt a lot more technics that we never even thought of and believe me we are not boring! This festival was done in such a tasteful, non judgmental manner and has opened new doors to us and to be taught by such great experts was truly an amazing experience. We met so many people from all walks of life, all different ages, shapes n sizes, and all friendly too. I would definately attend this again and highly recommend it. Thanks so much to Pete and all his team and hope to see u next year." Sharon E. Xxx

"It was my first time attending a sex festival and I was impressed by how curious and eager to learn and experience everybody there was. Sure, there was fear and anxiety around clothing optional workshops but choice was always available and respected. The festival had a good energy to it and everybody there are easy to talk to and lovely person." - Dr. Martha Tara Lee, Clinical Sexologist

"Attending this festival gives you quality insights into the emerging field of body work; both ideas and practices, not explained else where. They teach about intimate aspects of life, attraction, relationships, bodies and sex better anywhere else." RJG

"As a solo 50 year-old somewhat non-descript female who works in admin, this was my first time to attend the Festival of Really Good Sex - and it was amazing!! I was able to receive an oming experience for the first time, and was also able to apply principles of orgasmic meditation to a male participant at a later workshop the same day. A great learning experience! I felt very at home at the festival almost immediately and met many friendly, ordinary and extraordinary people along the way. I think there is something empowering about being open to new experiences - a great feeling to take-away. The festival seemed to facilitate a sense of belonging to all, and lovely connections were made amidst the spirit of learning. I will definitely be returning to the Festival of Really Good Sex!!" Louise D

"The Festival of Really Good Sex is spectacular, fun, accessible and educational." Jeremy Shub