How to Navigate a Play Party
7:00 pm19:00

How to Navigate a Play Party

  • North Bondi

This workshop is ideal if you are new to play parties or if you find certain aspects of them challenging. It is a place to find support. 

In this workshop, we'll discuss:

*how to connect with people at a play party;

*how to dress in a way which makes you feel attractive and attracts others;

*how to cope with sexual frustration and peer pressure;

*how to avoid being complained about by others and/or thrown out;

*how to pre-negotiate boundaries and involvement with other people with your partner(s).

The Really Good Sex Party
Apr 2

The Really Good Sex Party

The party provides a space where you can reconnect and integrate what you have experienced over the four days of the festival. It is more experimental than other parties in Sydney. The atmosphere is more like ritual, whose purpose is to make space for deeper physical, sensual, intimate and erotic experiences.

The Really Good Sex Festival
Jan 28

The Really Good Sex Festival

The Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex is the most progressive, inclusive and exploratory sexuality event in the Southern Hemisphere. It offers over 40 participatory workshops, performances, talks, rituals and celebrations over four days and five nights. 

Tying for Erotic Intensity
Dec 20

Tying for Erotic Intensity

  • Schwelle Sydney

A three week course beginning Tuesday December 6.

Experience the power of bondage to create erotic intensity