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Tying for Erotic Intensity - Week-End Intensive

  • Schwelle Sydney North Bondi (map)

Experience the power of bondage to create erotic intensity
Many people think rope is just something you use to tie someone to a bedpost, but it can be much more. The process of tying and being tied can provide you with exquisite sensual and erotic experiences.

Schwelle Sydney proposes a week-end intensive where you can learn the basic principles of erotic tying. 

Saturday-Sunday May 27-28, 2pm-6:30pm in Sydney at North Bondi (Exact Address Given on Registration) (8 hours tuition) 

In this week-end intensive, you will discover:
1. The concepts of tension and connection, which when used correctly make the experience of bondage comparable to a dance or the playing of a musical instrument;
2. Different rope techniques from Japanese and European teachers which will allow you to explore the sensual, the aesthetic as well as the agressive aspects of erotic bondage;
3. A language to talk about your experiences with your partner, how at once to communicate your pleasure and your borders;
4. How to do a safe and effective self-suspension and partial suspension of another person.
Learn how the rope itself can become a living part of your relationship. How your body responds to tying and being tied whether it is done with a creative, sensual or more forceful intention;

It is possible to come single or with a partner. It is not necessary to have a partner to learn and to enjoy the workshop. Ropes are available, although it is also advised to bring your own, if you have.

If you already have experience with rope bondage, the course will provide you with an opportunity to practice in a supportive environment. If you are a beginner, this course will provide you with an invaluable introduction.

We strongly emphasise the integration of the body and mind in erotic bondage. We don’t simply teach rope techniques, but create opportunities for you to have experiences which you can take with you into your erotic life.

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Dr. Peter Banki is founder and curator of the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex. Since 2011 host of Schwelle Sydney. For over the last 10 years he has worked to integrate bodywork, dance and martial arts with sexuality and kink. This philosophy of integration is the guiding principle behind the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex. He has practiced Iyengar yoga uninteruptedly since 1999 and has studied dance with Annetta Luce, Daniel Lepkoff (one of the founders of contact improvisation) and Felix Ruckert.

Natalia Je is a rope enthusiast. With her partner and she plays with and teaches rope for pleasure, emotional intensity, physical challenge, sex, pain, intimacy and sometimes even something of/resembling ‘art’.

She has studied many different things and has been working in the so-called helping professions for 15 years. Some topics that obsess her at times are eroticism of abstinence, connection between eroticism and death/killing and madness.

She practices meditation and not taking myself too seriously. Both being damn hard.


WHO IS THE WORKSHOP FOR: People who are interested in tantra, yoga, kink; COUPLES (of any gender or orientation) where one or both parties have played a little, and who are looking to learn and experience more. Couples who haven't played with kink, but might like to. SINGLES with a similar level of curiosity.


HOW WILL PAIRING BE DONE? Couples are welcome. People arriving as singles will be paired randomly for various activities. Please note, all exercises can be taken only to the level that's right for you at the time. 

CAN YOU WORK EXCLUSIVELY WITH ONE PARTNER? Yes, if you arrive with them.

EROTIC CONTENT: The workshop is primarily about forms of sexual expression in relation to tying.


WEAR: For most activities loose fitting comfortable clothes are appropriate.

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