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Sex and Intimacy Group for Men (Six Weeks)

Men are faced with a lot of challenges today - with masculinity, femininity, with women, with finding themselves. There is the expectation to fulfil all the old roles, plus a great many new ones, all the while having to deal with the stigma of belonging to a privileged gender which acts abusively and non-consensually. For many, this is a very confusing and difficult time. 

Many of us rely on emotional support from women and yet find it difficult to get any genuine emotional support from other men, which is limiting and one-sided. What roles do we play? How do we behave? Are we even allowed to like ourselves? What is currently on offer to help men is usually about re-inforcing archaic masculine stereotypes, which is also limiting and not necessarily helpful. Sexuality and gender today are fields that are increasingly ambiguous.  

The men's support group is a space to share and discuss what's going on for you in a supportive environment where discretion is assured. Each week's session will include 30 minutes of bodywork, followed by 90 minute discussion. 

The group is facilitated, but not taught. We will make the program together. The topic of each week's session will be decided collectively. The group is open to all men (including trans), whatever your sexual orientation, age or relationship status. To maintain the integrity of the group dynamic, it is requested that you make a commitment to come each week for the duration of the 6 weeks.

6 weeks, every Wednesday from 3 May, 7-9pm @ North Bondi (Exact address given on registration). If the low income fee is unaffordable, but you would still like to come, please send us an email). $120 (low income) $180 (normal)

The group is facilitated by Peter Banki, Ph.D. You can learn more about Peter at