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The Anus and the Heart

The journey to paradise begins through the darkest and most taboo part of the body: so teaches one of the greatest literary works of European culture. In the The Divine Comedy Dante famously exits the circles of hell through the anus of the devil.

Modern scientific research supports this poetic insight, informing us that the erotic potential of this area derives from its high concentration of nerve endings, its proximity to the genitals and its interconnections with other pelvic muscles. 

From a practical point of view, when exploring the anus Jack Morin encourages everyone to make a "no pain ever commitment": "From now on, I will do everything within my power to protect my anus from any pain and discomfort whatsoever." While avoiding all pain is perhaps not always possible, we believe that making such a  committment is an extremely useful way to empower ourselves about the possibilities of anal pleasure and to counter negative stereotypes and emotions. While subject to a deep taboo, the anus is really one the most beautiful parts of our bodies. It can be a source of enormous and deep pleasure. Moreover, anal exploration is also one of the fastest ways to "get out of the head" and become absorbed in physical sensation.

This workshop is for those who want to learn skills in giving and/or receiving anal pleasure. We will spend time relaxing with a slow touch around the outside of the anus - 'rosebud' massage. We will teach some techniques of touch to this area of extraordinary sensitivity. We will take time to understand how our rectum and the surrounding muscles work. We will also explore the emotional connections to our anus and its circuits to other parts of our bodies. There will be space to practice clear communication and choice. 

We strongly recommend that you bring a partner with whom you want to explore this enjoyable experience. Individuals wanting to give or receive are also welcome. We will be working with attention to cleanliness and safety. Gloves and lube will be provided. 

Later Event: December 10
Kink and the Conscious Body