Bedtime Stories - Sex-Positive Stories From the Fringe
8:00 PM20:00

Bedtime Stories - Sex-Positive Stories From the Fringe

An evening of anecdotal and performative erotic tales, sharing real life experience from people  of diverse sexual orientations, genders, cultural backgrounds and cultural diversities. Celebrating and nurturing the transformative power of sex without shame.

Time: Saturday 27 October, 8pm

Location: East Sydney Community Arts Centre, 34 Burton Street, Darlinghurst.

Cost: $20

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Celebrating Sex and Disability
2:00 PM14:00

Celebrating Sex and Disability


Exploring Sex and Disability provides an experiential play space for people with functional diversity and their friends, allies and supporters to learn about and explore different aspects and variations of sexuality. This is one day event happening at East Sydney Community Arts Centre,  34 Burton St, Darlinghurst NSW 2010 on Sunday, 4th November. It includes a program of talks, performances, films and experiential workshops. The event brings together artists, disability activists and sex educators around this topic.

Our intention is to provide a consensual, safe, informed and inclusive space, which allows people with functional diversity to explore and learn about sexuality.

Event Director: Peter Banki, Ph.D

Curatorial Advisor: Oliver Morton-Evans

The 2018 program is Annouced

Important Information

1. WHO IS THIS EVENT FOR? The event is for people who experience disabilities, their friends, allies and carers. It is open to people with all kinds of disabilities, including intellectual and physical disabilities, neuro-diversity, functional-diversity and psycho-social disabilities.

2. IS THIS SPECIFICALLY A HETEROSEXUAL EVENT? No, this event is open to people of all genders and sexual orientations. Heterosexual people are welcome to attend as are people who are not heterosexual.

3. WILL THERE BE NUDITY? No, for this introductory event all activity will be clothes on.

4. WHAT IF I NEED A SUPPORT WORKER OR FRIEND TO HELP ME TO ATTEND? You are welcome to bring a support person or a friend with you, if you need. Please let us know when you book. Friends or support workers will also need to buy a ticket to pay for lunch.

5. HOW WILL PEOPLE BE PAIRED FOR ACTIVITIES? If you have come with a partner, you can engage exclusively with them. Otherwise everyone will be paired at random with different people during activities and get to chat to different people during discussions.

6. WHAT IF I DO NOT WISH TO TAKE PART IN A GIVEN ACTIVITY? There is no obligation for anyone to do anything. You participate at what ever level feels right for you. There are no expectations.

7. WHAT SHOULD I BRING? Please bring a water bottle if you need. Lunch will be provided.

8. WHAT SHOULD I WEAR? Loose fitting comfortable clothes are appropriate for most activites. If you wish to wear something more sexy later on in the day, you are invited to bring a change of clothes.

9. WHAT IF I HAVE SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS TO ALLOW ME TO ATTEND? Please let us know as soon as possible and we will endeavour to cater for them.

10. WHO IS CATERING FOR THE EVENT AND WHAT FOOD WILL BE SERVED? The event will be catered by Decadent Catering. The menu will be announced shortly.


It is our intention to create a space that is as safe as possible and where all activity is consensual. During the day we will be doing exercises which teach people to express their wishes and boundaries in a clear way. There will also be exercises which will help people to learn to read "body consent", which supports verbal communication. There will also be trained staff on hand who have experience with working with people with disabilities and who will intervene if any behaviour risks to be non-consensual or unsafe.

Program for 4th November, 2018

2.00 - 3:30: Sex and Disability: You can’t Ask That!

4.00 - 5.30: Picking-Up with Donald / Prue’s Sensual Kink Play

6.00 - 7.30: Cuddle Puddle (Oliver & Ira)

7:30-8:00: Closing Circle

Program for 12 November 2017

9:30-10:00am - Introduction and Acknowledgement of Country

10:00-11:00 - An Exploration of Touch and Breath with Peter Banki and Natasha Alexander

11:00-11:30 - Objects for Sex Play

12pm-1pm - Sexy Disability with Donald Turton

1pm-2:00pm - Catered Vegetarian Lunch (included)

2:00-3pm - A Panel on Dating with Oliver Morton-Evans, Bé and Georgia Cranko

3pm-4pm - Screening of documentary "Yes, We Fuck"

4:30-6pm - Cuddle Puddle with Oliver Morton-Evans and Ira Zev

6:30-7pm - Closing Sharing and Discussion

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Creative Masculinities Research Lab
2:00 PM14:00

Creative Masculinities Research Lab

  • East Sydney Community Arts Centre (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

What can a masculinity be today that is creative? 

How to think about masculinity in a positive way, while taking feminism and queer thinking seriously into account? 

The Creative Masculinities Research Lab will be a space to explore these questions. It is an initial day of meeting, moving and talking. Everyone is welcome to take part.

There will be space to try out different concepts and ideas that you may be interested to propose as workshops, panels or performances at the Festival of Creative Masculinities in 2019.

Attendance is $35 (or $25 low income) to help us cover the venue hire costs and provide some refreshments.


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Into the Wild 2019 - 6 Day Residential Festival in the Shoalhaven
to Jan 31

Into the Wild 2019 - 6 Day Residential Festival in the Shoalhaven


Into the Wild is our most important event of the year. It is a unique opportunity to experience what it is like to live in a sex-positive space for an extended period of time in a natural bush setting. It is a chance to explore the full potential of your sexuality and gain new perspectives on creativity, intimacy, love and friendship. Into the Wild brings the most innovative presenters in the world to Australia to teach and co-create with our most talented local practitioners.

The festival combines 3 full days of workshops and performances, followed by 3 days of deep integration in a beautiful bush setting.

During the first three days, there will be three concurrent 90 minute workshops running throughout the day with performances and curated play spaces each evening. During the post-festival integration there will be a curated program to deepen the experience of the festival. There will be longer workshops and play installations, as well as the opportunity for organic creativity where participants play a role in developing the program under the guidance of experienced teachers.

Into the Wild 2019 - Festival Tickets
from 597.00

It is possible to book for Into the Wild either for three days or for six days. While not recommended, other booking possibilities are available on request. For the safety of the group, all participants must attend the opening ceremony on Sat. 26th January at 11am.

All Ticket Prices are currently Super Early Bird. On October 17 all ticket prices will rise. They will rise again on December 1. Book Now to take advantage of the best price and premium accomodation on the property. A payment plan is possible for all ticket categories if you book through Ticketbooth or contact us directly via email.

Ticket Options:
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Into the Wild 2019 - Accommodation Options
from 50.00

Accommodation options are either for 2, 3 or 6 nights, unless you are camping or bringing a camper van, in which case it is the same price for any period of the retreat. Couple accomodation includes your own separate room. If you are single and would like your own separate room, please book couple accommodation. Single beds are also available in shared accomodation with the genders separated.

Accommodation at the retreat is limited. If you know that you want to come, it is best to book as soon as possible. Once the allocation is exhausted, there will only be camping options available, staying at a hotel in nearby Nowra or at another property close by.

Accommodation Options:
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Into the Wild - Catering 

We know that not everybody likes to eat in the same way. So this year we have decided separate the catering from the ticket price to give you more food options. You can take one of these three food options or a mixture of all of them:

1. The festival has its own full time caterer on site who will be preparing food during the whole 6 six days. Her name is Amanda Christenson, from Thoughtful Food Co. You can purchase catering from Amanda either for the whole festival or a part thereof, i.e., for one day, three days or six days. Amanda's cooking is extremely healthy and organic.  

2. There will also be food trucks on site during the first three days, where you can purchase breakfast, lunch or dinner. The food trucks will be run by Pizza By Pietro and The Deli Truck

3. You can also self-cater, if you wish. There are two fully equipped kitchens on the property where you can cook for yourself to keep costs down or because you have special dietary needs. The town of Nowra is a 10 minute drive away where you can purchase anything you may need. 

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Sydney Really Good Sex Festival
to Oct 7

Sydney Really Good Sex Festival

The Really Good Sex Festival is a two day journey like no other. It is a play ground to have new experiences and face your fears and blockages when it comes to love and sexuality. All workshops and parties are learner-centred and for every-body, whether you are young or old, single or in a couple, monogamous or in an open relationship. The festival creates a safe container for embodied, experiential learning, where all activity is based on safety and informed consent. 

The Sydney 2018 edition will take place on 6-7 October in Darlinghurst. It offers an array of participatory workshops, talks and ceremonies over 2 days and 2 nights.

 All Inclusive Tickets $299 plus b/fee ($250 plus b/fee low income), One day Tickets $185. All Prices Rise September 15

The Festival is a unique opportunity to:

  • Let go more and find the courage to discover new things;
  • Invigorate your existing relationships;  
  • Meet a compatible partner or partners who accept you for who you are;
  • Have and maintain healthy boundaries with others;
  • Discover and connect with others who are asking themselves similar questions;
  • Integrate your sexuality in healthy and reflective ways with the rest of your life;
  • Feel the joy of being alive.

Saturday 6th October

Sunday 7th October

Our Sydney Presenters

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How to Lovingly Tie Your Partner
2:00 PM14:00

How to Lovingly Tie Your Partner

Discover the Power of Rope to Create Erotic Intensity Between You and Your partner!

This workshop will not be about complicated knots or mastery. You will learn a few of the technical basics of Japanese bondage, and discover rope as a conscious touch and a loving encounter. Bondage need not be beautiful and perfect for it to feel alive and to give pleasure. For it to go deep, it is not necessary that the rope turn you on.

When tying or being tied, you feel your pleasure/displeasure, fear, anger and all the nuances of the whole rich pallet of human feelings…and you take to heart what is there. And perhaps this has a healing aspect. All experience levels in bondage are welcome. Experience with attentive touch, breath work and tantra is advantageous. 

It is possible to come single or with a partner. Ropes are available, although it is also advised to bring your own, if you have.

Location is Hardy Street, North Bondi (exact address given on booking).

Date: Sun. 26 August (2pm-8pm)

Cost: $249 plus b/fee (per couple), $150 plus b/fee (single or one day couple);  

The sensual rope workshop is led by Dr. Peter B and Natalia Je.

Dr. Peter B is founder and curator of the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex. Since 2011 host of Schwelle Sydney. From 2011-2013 artistic director as well as producer of the Festival on the Art of Lust - Xplore Sydney. He has studied Japanese Shibari with Osada Steve, Hajime Kinoko, Dasniya Sommer, Amalion and many others.

Natalia Je is a rope enthusiast. She plays with and teaches rope for pleasure, emotional intensity, physical challenge, sex, pain, intimacy and sometimes even something of/resembling ‘art’. Her special interest is in self-tying and self-suspension. She has been working in the so-called helping professions for 15 years.

Endorsements from participants of our rope classes:

"The intimacy and safety of the space created at these events is at once hypnotic, enticing, energizing and relaxing. It has provided me with a safe haven to learn about, grow into and feel comfortable with my own sexuality...I feel I learn something new about who I am every time I come back." - Sion

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Filth: Erotic Poetry
6:00 PM18:00

Filth: Erotic Poetry

SCRAP Art Gallery is getting demolished and we need to raise some money for a bond on a new place. What better way to celebrate than to let loose on a night of unleashed erotic poetry.

Join us for an evening filthy spoken word, we can promise good vibes, great tunes, dirty poetry and a wall of filth of us to paint and inspire. 
We have a collection of amazing local poets ready to unleash their most erotic and dirty works. Celebrate filth with us and bring your raunchy poems to share in open mic. 

SCRAP is a sex positive and safe space for all, as such we have a zero tolerance policy on any forms of discrimination or violation of this safety.

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Rope Jam
7:00 PM19:00

Rope Jam

Join us for an evening of Shibari rope bondage art, social, skill share and play. Come alone, with mates or partners. Come with experience and your ropes or none of either. Just come and play!

SCRAP Art Gallery is being demolished and we are working on raising funds to put down a bond on a new space so we can keep this sex positive arts space alive!

SCRAP Art Gallery is a safe space, meaning that any form of discrimination will not be tolerated.

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Melbourne Really Good Sex Festival
to Jun 3

Melbourne Really Good Sex Festival

The Really Good Sex Festival is a three day journey into discovering more about what Really Good Sex is for you uniquely. It is a play ground to have new experiences and to face your fears and blockages when it comes to sexuality. The festival is an amazing opportunity to learn more about yourself. All workshops are learner-centred and for every-body, whether you are young or old, single or in a couple, monogamous or in an open relationship. The festival creates a safe container for embodied, experiential learning, where all activity is based on informed consent. 

The Melbourne 2018 edition will take place on 1-3 June @ Pulse, 1 Pitt Street, Brunswick. It offers an array of participatory workshops, talks and ceremonies over 2 days and 3 nights. 

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Ethics Sexuality & Photography
2:00 PM14:00

Ethics Sexuality & Photography

How do we photograph sexuality and the other from a loving place? A rejecting place? When is it objectivification? When is it pathologised or criminalized?

When does photography allow the subject to speak? 

Come and Join us for a panel discussion about the Ethics of Sexuality and Photography. 


On the panel will be: 

Forensic PsychologistTim Watson-Munro, author of Dancing with Demons 

Journalist, Gordon McComiskie from the Daily Telegraph 

Photographer and curator, Ellen Hewitt

Photographer, Sarah Malone

The afternoon will also include an exhibition of photos from Sarah Malone and Gordon McComiskie.

Tickets are $20 ($10 low income).

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Reimagining Apology and Forgiveness
1:00 PM13:00

Reimagining Apology and Forgiveness

One of the most profound and intimate experiences is to be wounded and unable to forgive. The inability to forgive may not be something that is simply chosen. Something very powerful continues to say ‘no’, even if one would like to say ‘yes’, to forgive the other, believing that it will make things easier, lighter and better from now on. In certain cases even after one has said ‘yes’ and meant ‘yes’, the ‘no’ insists. 

To be refused forgiveness is also profound. Something in the other remains inaccessible, unattainable. And the past that one shares with the other—or with the other in oneself—is unclosed, like an incurable wound.

In this one day workshop we will explore ways to re-imagine apology and forgiveness in our own lives and those of others, as well as in relation to the dead. We will do so through an encounter with philosophical and literary texts as well as through music and somatic practice. This workshop will encourage you to think about apology and forgiveness not as a means to bring things back to the way they were before, or otherwise as a means of moving on from wrongdoing and trauma, but as an experience which may bring something new into the world, into the order of what is otherwise possible or imaginable. As such, they presuppose vulnerability and risk, which we must undergo without any kind of assurance.

At the conclusion of the workshop, you can expect to have an appreciation of the complexities of what such an experience of apology or forgiveness may entail, as well as a map of poetic ways to welcome the other into your lives as a catalyst for change.

Peter Banki, Ph.D is the author of The Forgiveness To Come: the Holocaust and the Hyper-Ethical. He is also founder and director of the Sydney Festival of Death and Dying and the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex in 2015. 

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Expansion: Workshop and Play Party
2:00 PM14:00

Expansion: Workshop and Play Party

Expansion is a monthly wholistic combined workshop and play party in Sydney, which will take place next on Sunday April 29 from 2pm-8pm in Darlinghurst (Exact address given on Registration). 

Our aim is to provide a space where you can experience the best of what a play party has to offer, while avoiding the usual pitfalls.

It combines a party education and navigation workshop (2-4pm) followed by the party itself (4-8pm). In the workshop, we will answer your questions and discuss whatever anxieties you may have associated with going to a play party, as well as give you helpful information about how to ask to ask for what you want, protect your boundaries, and go at a pace that's right for you, as well as clear information about play party etiquette. 

The play party itself will be a held space where different stations will be set up where people will lead various activities which you can try out and experience. These will include sensual and kink related activities, as well as a strong emphasis on all kinds of creative play (such as dance, massage, role play). We encourage you to play sometimes from a place of attraction and sometimes from a place of curiosity, openness and generosity.

BYO. Non-alcoholic beverages and snacks are also provided.

NB: Only people who have done the workshop will be admitted to the party. The party has a no effort no entry dress code. It will not be acceptable to come in jeans and a t-shirt. Even if you have paid, if you only have casual clothes to wear at the party, we will not grant you entry. For ideas about what is appropriate play party wear, please see the images below or go to websites of  Gallery SerpentineSax FetishMax Black or The Costume Shop

Sunday 29 April, Workshop and Play Party, 2-8pm @ Darlinghurst (Exact Address Given on Registration)

Cost $60 (plus b/fee); Return attendees $35 (plus b/fee). (It is only possible to pay at the door, if we have confirmed your attendance via email at

Expansion is hosted by Peter Banki, Ph.D, the founder and director of the Festival of Really Good Sex and Ira Zev, Co-founder of the EroticArt Project.  

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An Afternoon of Kissing and Cunnilingus
2:00 PM14:00

An Afternoon of Kissing and Cunnilingus

Cultivate a gentle, civil and carnal experience with this most erotic of delights.

Kissing and cunnilingus are some of the greatest gifts one can receive as a woman. They are also some of the greatest skills to have, if one wants to please a woman. And yet where would you ever have the opportunity to learn these skills? In this workshop you will have a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with this juicy topic, in a loving, supportive and consensual environment.

In the first part of the workshop we will explore approaches to kissing including elements such as presence, attention, jaw release, integration of the spine and sensuality. We will then  work with kissing installations where you will have the opportunity to experiment and play with this most delightful of activities.

In the second part of this workshop, there will be an opportunity for women to talk about how they like to be orally pleasured. For oral pleasurers there will also be an opportunity to discuss their experiences with this form of sexual play. We will then move into solo practice of various techniques. There will be a demonstration of cunnilingus as well as opportunities to practice cunnilingus itself.

This workshop is open to singles and couples regardless of gender or orientation. There is no obligation to engage in any activity.

If you come with your partner, you are welcome to engage only with them.

Single men and women are most welcome to come, however, if you are a single man and you only wish to give cunnilingus, there is no guarantee that there will be person with a vulva who will be available to practice with you for this part of the workshop. 

This workshop will be taught by Peter Banki and Ira Zev

If you have any questions, please contact us at

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Melbourne Sexlab
1:30 PM13:30

Melbourne Sexlab

Are you curious about the Festival of Really Good Sex? Are attracted but also a bit nervous? Do you feel you have something to offer in the creation of a 'sex-positive' space grounded informed consent and safety? 

The Melbourne Sexlab is an evening of research, collaboration and exploration. Come and meet some of our festival presenters and share with us your ideas, concepts, dreams for the forthcoming Melbourne Festival of Really Good Sex on 1-3 June. 

The Melbourne Sexlab is an initial evening of meeting, moving, talking and considering how the Festival of Really Good Sex may take shape in Melbourne. To this end, anyone who is interested to be participate of the forthcoming festival is welcome to take part. We will also share with you the philosophy behind the creation of the festival, what we seek to achieve and why.

The Melbourne Sexlab is an ideal opportunity if you are thinking about coming to the festival and would like to meet us and learn more about it. Many of festival presenters will be there, including Sarah Roffey, Peter Banki, Jonno Katz, Morgana Muses, Sarka and Bianca Wolff. 

The evening will include an embodied practice as well as the chance to experience different concepts and ideas that will be proposed at the festival in June.

If you would like to attend, please let us know as soon as possible by registering below.

Attendance is $35 (or $25 low income) to help us cover the venue hire costs and provide some refreshments.

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BDSM and Trance: Using Kink To Attain Altered States of Awareness
1:30 PM13:30

BDSM and Trance: Using Kink To Attain Altered States of Awareness

Whether it is through sensory deprivation, domination and submission, rope, whipping, fetish, breath reduction, masks, humiliation or animal play, the ultimate purpose of many BDSM practices is to reach altered states of awareness. This is irrespective of the specific role one may have within the play. When a play participant comes into a trance, it touches everyone in the space.

In this 6 hour workshop we will engage in a group process to create an atmosphere where it may be possible to experience erotic trance states through the use of BDSM tools and practices. While such experiences cannot be made to happen, one can create conditions where they have permission to happen, i.e., where they are inquired into and encouraged, rather than shut down, stigmatised or judged. 

WHO IS THIS WORKSHOP FOR: This is not a beginners' workshop. It presumes that already has had some experience with BDSM and awareness of what one's particular interests or kinks are. Like all our workshops, this one is open to all genders and orientations, as long as you are over 18.

HOW WILL THIS WORKSHOP BE CONDUCTED:  The first part of this workshop (three hours) will focus on mind-body exercises, whose purpose is to lead you to work consciously with certain fundamental principles of BDSM. These are: 1. Power Exchange (dom/sub, top/bottom, master/servant, owner/pet, predator/prey, and so on.); 2. Energy Exchange (the reciprocal circulation of energy between partners within a power exchange) and 3. the eroticisation of 'negative' emotions such as fear, sadness, frustration, shame, and even guilt. This body-mind work will form the basis of the second half of the workshop (three hours), where participants will be invited to negotiate play sessions with one another. These play sessions will be guided by the interest in erotic trance states. Participants can organised themselves as couples, threes or other group formations. All play will be risk aware, voluntary and consensual. 

HOW DO WE PARTNER UP? For the first part of the workshop everyone will be paired at random with different people during activities. For the second part you can engage specifically with your partner, if you have come with them. You do not have to engage with anyone unless you want to. Intrusive behaviour and rudeness will not be tolerated. 

WHY IS THIS WORKSHOP UNIQUE? Most kink workshops focus on teaching specific techniques, relating to specific interests. The focus of this workshop is the erotic trance itself. While we will focus on technique, the technique will be in service of the inquiry into trance states. By making this the focus of the workshop, one necessarily changes the character of what happens as well as what one will learn.  

WHAT DO WE WEAR AND WHAT DO WE BRING? For the first half of the workshop, loose fitting comfortable clothes are appropriate. For the second half, you are invited to dress up in erotic and/or fetish wear. Please feel free to bring implements you would like to use in a session, such as rope, whips, masks, blindfolds, electrical toys, etc.

WHO IS LEADING THIS WORKSHOP? This workshop will be lead by Peter Banki, Ph.D. Peter is the Founder and Director of the Festival and School of Really Good Sex. He has been teaching courses in BDSM since 2006. He taught for several years at Schwelle7 and Xplore in Berlin before setting up his own school in Sydney. He enjoys both dominance and submission. The kind of BDSM play he is most drawn to is deep and psychological.

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An Erotic Feast with Sarka
1:30 PM13:30

An Erotic Feast with Sarka

We are honoured to announce that Czech-born Berlin-based conscious sexuality educator, Sarka, will be in Sydney to host a series of fantastic events and workshops.

Workshop Descriptions


Imagine acroyoga as a dance where our boundaries are open and flexible. This workshop will explore simple partner acrobatic positions and how we can kink them up. There will be an opportunity to enjoy nudity and play with your beautiful genitals which are very often underestimated in acroyoga. This workshop requires presence, trust, surrender, playfulness and communication. We will investigate touch and how to direct another person’s body in space.

A Luscious World Of Whipping

Do you like to play with your body? Do you like to play with different levels of intensities? Are you looking to expand the level of intimacy between you and your partner? Are you curious and like trying different things out? If you have answered yes to  at least one of the questions this workshop is for you !!!

I am inviting you to discover the world of conscious whipping where we will explore the relationship between you and the power of the whip, you and your partner, and the space ''in between'' in which magics happen, if you dare to enter. Let's have a close look at how a direct impact on the body can deepen our body awareness, and how breath, movement and sound can enhance the bodily sensations as well as intensify the flow of energy in the body. 

For some, playing with whips  is a tool to spice up their time in the bedroom, for some it is an ultimate symbol of power and control and for some it is a deep, spiritual practice.

With grace and elegance we will learn how to manipulate and handle the whip, give and receive various degrees of impact and process sensations. All activities will be conducted in a safe  luscious world in which sensuality, intimacy and relating are key. 

Here we are, here I invite you.

This workshop is open to all genders, sexual preferences and skill levels and equally suitable for those participating alone or with a partner.

The Poetry of Dominance and Submission

The inner conflict and surrender connected with dominance and submission are enduring themes in human culture and civilization. In human sexuality, this has broadened to include mutual exploration of roles, emotions, and activities that would be difficult or impossible to act out without a willing partner taking an opposing role.

So what is it about being submissive that can make it thrilling as opposed to threatening? And what is it about being dominant? 


Come and find out for yourself. In this 2h workshop we will use a sense of  slowness, safety, humour and playfulness as we dive into exploration of these profound and  omnipresent dynamics. 

Vulva & Penis, I Bow Down To You

Vulva, penis, when talking about these two important parts of our body, it is never only about them. ''The whole is greater then the sum of its parts'' says Aristotle. So, let's put the pieces of the mosaic together to see the entire picture. The Body is a many stringed instrument inviting a whole range of expression. In this guided workshop, participants will work in pairs in a safe and supportive structure. This workshop is a gentle introduction to a variety of genital touches and sensations in order to educate both genders about arousal and dispersion of focus always remembering the whole from which the part comes.  Within that structure, there will be sufficient space to experiment. Through awakening your creativity and following your intuition you will learn how to read the language of the body and consequently to play this magnificent instrument.

Day 1: 25th February 11am-7pm

  • Sexobatics 11am-1pm
  • The Luscious Art of Whipping 2:30pm-4:30pm
  • The Poetry of Dominance and Submission (D/s) 5pm-7pm.

Day 2: 4th March 11am-5:30pm

  • Vulva & Penis, I Bow Down To You 11am-5:30pm

It is possible to book for both days ($250), i.e., the entire training, one day ($150) or for a two hour workshop ($60). 


Sarka is a Czech born and Berlin-based bodyworker, yoga teacher, international retreat and workshop organiser, conscious sexuality educator with experience in and passion for body mechanics, movement, dance, and martial arts.  Since 2013 she has been connected to the Schwelle7 project in Berlin (an artistic & educational venue for body/mind/conscious sexuality practices) created by Felix Ruckert who remains a respected influence and inspiration. She likes to inspire people with her varied experiences and  perspectives on living life. She studied psychology at West London university which helps her to differentiate subtle aspects of the human psyche and its processes.

She likes exploring limits of different intensities, both subtle and extreme. She invites you to be a part of this magical and transformative space ‘in between’ where change occurs. 

‘’Learning is movement from moment to moment’’ (Krishnamurti)

Frequently Asked Questions

WHO ARE THESE WORKSHOPS FOR? The curious and the brave of all sexualities, sexual orientations and genders.


HOW WILL PAIRING BE DONE? Couples are welcome. People arriving as singles (or couples that like to play with other people) will be paired randomly for various activities. Please note: all exercises can be taken only to the level that's right for you at the time.

CAN YOU WORK EXCLUSIVELY WITH ONE PARTNER? Yes, if you arrive with them. (You may also bump into someone you know, or meet someone, and decide to do activities with them).

NUDITY: All workshops are clothing-optional. 

EROTIC CONTENT: The workshop is primarily about various forms of sexual expression.

COMMITMENT: You may sit out of any activity, or participate only to a level that's right for you.



For Vulva and Penis: I Bow down to You - your own sarong and towel to lay on.

For Sexobatics -  a yoga mat.  

For The Luscious World of Whipping - your own whip if you have one.

WEAR: For most activities, loose-fitting comfortable clothes are appropriate. 

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The 'Sex-Positive' Movement in the Context of Neo-Liberalism
1:30 PM13:30

The 'Sex-Positive' Movement in the Context of Neo-Liberalism

Festivals such as the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex do not exist in isolation. They belong to a wider social and cultural movement, which contests dominant attitudes towards sexuality, while actively encouraging erotic education and expansion. There is obviously a political impetus behind such events to the extent that they seek to contribute to a culture that is more erotically informed and liberated.

It cannot be ignored, however, that like almost everything else today, the so-called “sex positive” movement operates within a context of neoliberalism. More than just the dominance of monetary values and economic calculation, neoliberalism may be understood as a governing rationality through which everything (whether wealth generating or not) is economized, submitted to market metrics and governed through market techniques and practices.

This lecture will explore what are the consequences of neo-liberalism for the sex positive movement. How does neoliberalism at once enable and limit the “radical” or “socially progressive” aspirations of the sex-positive movement? And how can we identify the tendencies within this movement which may effectively resist neoliberalism? If one believes in the value of erotic festivals and erotic education, one needs to take such questions into account. 

Peter Banki, Ph.D is Research Associate in Philosophy at Western Sydney University, Australia. He has published on German romanticism, queer theory, and Holocaust studies and also works as a performer, festival producer, and curator. He is the founder and director of the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex and the Festival of Death and Dying. His book, The Forgiveness To Come: the Holocaust and the Hyper-Ethical is forthcoming with Fordham University Press (December 2017). His website is

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