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Kink and the Conscious Body with Peter Banki, Ph.D

A regular body practice is an essential ingredient for exploring the full spectrum of our sexuality. If you cultivate this awareness, you will be able to hold your partners' interest more deeply and for a much longer time. And, moreover, your play will be much safer. 

The approach taken by this workship is to explore kink on the basis of body awareness and body research. Half of the day will be dedicated to practices such as yoga, body-mind centering (BMC), bodywork and contact improvisation. These techniques will provide a common body language and groundwork. They will also be investigated in terms of their differences and similarities to kink practices, such as bondage, pain play, power exchange, sub-space and trance erotic states. These techniques will be introduced in the other half of the workshop. This part of the work will propose emotional and creative opportunities. Extra time is reserved each day for specific, personal explorations, alone, in couples and smaller groups. 

TOPICS INCLUDE: submission and dominance as practices of creative improvisation and playfulness, beautiful and 'authentic' dominance, turning pain into pleasure, sub-space and trance erotic states, love in the context of a kinky relationship, martial arts principles as applied to rope, spanking and impact play, ritual and ceremony as a way to hold and channel erotic energy and separate it from the mundane, as well as aftercare and relaxation.

WORKSHOP INTENSITY: Medium (there will be no extreme play such as blood, humiliation, etc.)

WHO FOR: The curious and the brave of all sexualities and genders. Even though this workshop is body based, there is absolutely no expectation concerning the age or kind of body you should have. However, some prior experience in dance, yoga, tantra or other body work is strongly advised. 


HOW WILL PAIRING BE DONE? Couples are welcome. People arriving as singles (or couples that like to play with other people) will be paired randomly for various activities. Please note: all exercises can be taken only to the level that's right for you at the time.

CAN YOU WORK EXCLUSIVELY WITH ONE PARTNER? Yes, if you arrive with them. (You may also bump into someone you know, or meet someone, and decide to do activities with them).

NUDITY: This is a clothes-on workshop. Some participants may choose to work with bare skin (and possibly buttocks) for some exercises but this is not an expectation. Any nudity will be low-level and not explicit.

EROTIC CONTENT: The workshop is primarily about various forms of sexual expression.

COMMITMENT: You may sit out of any activity, or participate only to a level that's right for you.


BRING: A water bottle is advisable. Tea, coffee and morning and afternoon snacks will be provided. Each day there is a one and a half hour lunch break. 

WEAR: For most activities loose fitting comfortable clothes are appropriate. Bring a costume or two for the Sunday ritual.

COST: $99 plus b/fee, $75 plus b/fee (low income) 

Location: North Bondi (Exact Details Given on Booking)

This workshop will be led by Peter Banki, Ph.D and has been inspired by the concept of "BDSM and the Conscious Body", a workshop led by Felix Ruckert in Berlin.

Dr. Peter Banki is founder and curator of the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex and since 2011 host of Schwelle Sydney. For over the last 10 years he has worked to integrate bodywork, dance and martial arts with sexuality and kink. This philosophy of integration is the guiding principle behind the Sydney Festival of Really Good Sex. He has practiced Iyengar yoga uninteruptedly since 1999 and has studied dance with Annetta Luce, Daniel Lepkoff (one of the founders of contact improvisation) and Felix Ruckert.