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Expansion: Workshop and Play Party

Expansion is a monthly wholistic combined workshop and play party in Sydney, which will take place next on Sunday April 29 from 2pm-8pm in Darlinghurst (Exact address given on Registration). 

Our aim is to provide a space where you can experience the best of what a play party has to offer, while avoiding the usual pitfalls.

It combines a party education and navigation workshop (2-4pm) followed by the party itself (4-8pm). In the workshop, we will answer your questions and discuss whatever anxieties you may have associated with going to a play party, as well as give you helpful information about how to ask to ask for what you want, protect your boundaries, and go at a pace that's right for you, as well as clear information about play party etiquette. 

The play party itself will be a held space where different stations will be set up where people will lead various activities which you can try out and experience. These will include sensual and kink related activities, as well as a strong emphasis on all kinds of creative play (such as dance, massage, role play). We encourage you to play sometimes from a place of attraction and sometimes from a place of curiosity, openness and generosity.

BYO. Non-alcoholic beverages and snacks are also provided.

NB: Only people who have done the workshop will be admitted to the party. The party has a no effort no entry dress code. It will not be acceptable to come in jeans and a t-shirt. Even if you have paid, if you only have casual clothes to wear at the party, we will not grant you entry. For ideas about what is appropriate play party wear, please see the images below or go to websites of  Gallery SerpentineSax FetishMax Black or The Costume Shop

Sunday 29 April, Workshop and Play Party, 2-8pm @ Darlinghurst (Exact Address Given on Registration)

Cost $60 (plus b/fee); Return attendees $35 (plus b/fee). (It is only possible to pay at the door, if we have confirmed your attendance via email at

Expansion is hosted by Peter Banki, Ph.D, the founder and director of the Festival of Really Good Sex and Ira Zev, Co-founder of the EroticArt Project.