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Couples-Only Exclusive Play Party

The Couples-Only Exclusive Play Party will be a held space where we will begin together by sharing together what our interests are, how we're feeling and what our wishes are for the evening. Before beginning, we will also discuss play-party etiquette and consent. The party is a sex-positive space will include sensual and kink related activities, as well as a strong emphasis on all kinds of creative play (such as dance, massage, role play).

Please bring a sexy or fetish costume for the occasion. You can change at the location. For ideas about what is appropriate play party wear, please see the images above or go to websites of  Gallery SerpentineSax FetishMax Black or The Costume Shop

BYO. Non-alcoholic beverages and snacks are also provided.

Date: September 8 @ 8pm (please arrive on time so we can start together)

Cost: $199 (per couple); trios are welcome after prior discussion (email us)

Location: North Bondi.