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Into the Wild - 6 Day Residential Festival Retreat

This immersion experience will combine 3 full days of workshops, performances and curated spaces, followed by 3 days of post-festival integration. 

The first three days will be structured according to the same format you have enjoyed over the last seven years with 90 minute workshops throughout the day in three spaces as well as performances and curated play spaces in the evening.  Each day there will be three high quality, organic catered meals for you to enjoy. 

The 3 day post-festival integration allows for organic creativity where the participants play a role in developing the program under the guidance of experienced teachers dedicated to learning, creativity, play and pleasure. During the integration everyone will have the opportunity to propose and facilitate classes, activities, scenarios or sessions, themes interest groups or classes, experiments or workshops. Naturally, there is no obligation to participate in anything. There is a minimal structure of an optional breath or movement class every morning and three daily high quality, organic catered meals. The class offers the opportunity to ground yourself and connect with the group. Our experience has been that it is in this context of opening and freedom that the deepest learning can take place.

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