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Sydney Kinklab

Do you feel you have something to offer in the creation of a sex and kink-positive space grounded informed consent and safety? Prior to doing a new festival, we regularly host a lab several months beforehand as a way to connect and get input.

The Sydney Kinklab is an afternoon of research, collaboration and exploration. It will be held at North Bondi in Sydney on March 23, 2019 from 2pm. Come and meet some of our festival presenters and share with us your ideas, concepts, dreams for the forthcoming inaugural Sydney Really Kinky Sex Festival at RR Theatre on 13-14 July, 2019.

Anyone who is interested to participate in the forthcoming festival is welcome to take part. We will also share with you the philosophy behind the festival, i.e., what we seek to achieve and why. It will be also be a space where you can share and test out some of your concepts for workshops or performances.

The Kinklab is an ideal opportunity if you are thinking about coming to the festival and would like to meet us and learn more about us. Many of the festival presenters will be there, including Sarah Roffey and Peter Banki.

Attendance is $35 (or $25 low income) to help us cover travel and venue hire costs.